What Happened in the Granite State

There is nothing granite-like in Dennis but I can tell you now from having spent a few days with him that there is something very different about him. No, he is not an alien and would not be confused with one. His though is a towering intellect that will not stop. Determination pours from him as if he were a battery driven speaker that has an endless supply of ideas, words to express them and an unapologetic way of talking.

I have never seen a campaign in my life. I never was interested enough to find one of interest to watch close up. It seemed like it would just be the most tedious way to spend one's time. You would be chasing from place to place in order to meet people and talk to them and listen to them and find out what their concerns were and then you would be exhausted and wonder just why you were doing this every single day for over a year.

But watching Kucinich over the past 3 days was a wonderful lesson in campaigning for anything one believes in and wants to do no matter what. Something incredibly spiritual and dependable seeps from his eyes as he speaks. He can look straight at you in the eyes and say what you have heard him now say over and over again for three days and it feels fresh and heartfelt.

I spoke at length with one of his interns in New Hampshire, Sanjay Seth. What a huge amount of enthusiasm he displayed for the congressman and his efforts to become our next president. He reported on listening to him every day and while he heard the same speeches on the same topics over and over too, he reported that it always felt like Kucinich was saying what was in his heart. Sanjay smiled, he always smiled while I was watching him work, he loves doing what he is doing, advance work on the campaign.

I intend to return to New Hampshire at least for a day or two during the primary voting on January 8th. It would be great to see how the people there have taken in Kucinich's message of hopeful hard work (my words).

Tomorrow I will write here at length about the impeachment teach-in because to me that was one of the best events that I could have had the pleasure to attend. But what better way to introduce the events from the past few days than to introduce the people I met who work there on the campaign.

Starting in no particular order, there is Sanjay Seth who comes from North Dakota and seems to thrive on hard work. At 19, he is in charge of the advance detail work for when the congressman appears say at a bookstore or at a convention or in a school. He gets the podium ready, makes sure all the material needed to spread the word is available and that most important of all, that those who want to join the campaign have the material they need to make the choice to sign up.

Sanjay tells with glee the story of his father, a doctor in Bismark, North Dakota who helped him to see what Kucinich is all about by having walked up and down with Kucinich signs pasted all over him on one of the coldest days in Bismark and how people stopped and spoke to him about Dennis' run for the presidency during the previous election.

Here we are in 2007 and Sanjay is making his way throughout the state of New Hampshire trying to make things as nice as possible for Dennis and so that he can make a mark on what is becoming one of the most ad hoc organized campaigns a valid and potentially successful candidate has probably ever assembled.

Sanjay is not interested in politics as a career, he is a poet and we look forward to seeing some of his work.

Hal, excuse me Hal, I didn't stop to get your last name but Hal is another wunderkind working with the campaign who put together Kucinich tv. If you have ever watched it, you know what a great thing it is to have an internet tv connection to the campaign and it was all started by, set up and thought up by our pal Hal.

That is the start of my report. It could go on forever, but my eyesight has walked out the door. By the way I am listening to one of Dennis' favorite singers, Michael Franti. Check him out too and you will not be disappointed just as Dennis is no disappointment.

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